Thursday, February 17, 2011

Schumacher Steps in at Ducati test, Raikkonen Wants to Follow Him

Despite of all the Shumacher’s words that he is not going to continue his career after he has retired Formula One, the actions usually speak louder than words. So dodging by the actions of a multiple world champion driver the situation is otherwise. In our previous article we have already told you that currently Schumi is taking part in carious motorcycle races. Recently he has been called up by  by the Ducati team to replace their injured test driver.
The Ducati official test rider Vittoriano Guareschi fell off his bike and was injured when the team was in the middle of a three-day test session. Surely they had a long list of experienced and eager motorcyclists who would be happy to take Guareschi’s place. However, rather than call on any of them the team asked Michael to step in.
Raikkonen Wants to Follow
At the same time Kimi Raikkonen, Schumacher’s successor at Ferrari and current world champion commented last week that he would be glad to follow Schumacher’s example and ride a MotoGP racing bike. However his intentions were stopped for a while by Stefano Domenicali, Ferrari team principal. He thinks that Kimi is currently busy enough and he has many things to focus on and that his duty is to defend the glory of four-wheeled cars.

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