Thursday, February 17, 2011

Have You Ever Heard of… the Jerrary?

In order to win Le Mans in 1963 Henry Ford II decided to buy Ferrari to promote its racing program. However at the last moment Enzo Ferrari refused from the deal. By this he angered Ford so much that the later made up his mind to develop the legendary GT40 that later achieved a lot of various motorsports victories.
A few years later Enzo Ferrari angered another powerful American businessman Bill Harrah of Harrah’s Casino. He asked Mr. Ferrari to make for him an Italian 4X4 that would wear the prancing horse badge. Of course, the famous automaker rejected the request. We do not know for sure, in which form he has wrote his letter of refusal, but judging by the request, we can assume that Ferrari’s letter contained words “never” and “hell”, in Italian, of course.

To revenge himself upon Ferrari Harrah who had more money than taste created the Jerrari. The car consisted of several parts taken from different vehicles. Its ass-end belonged to 1970 Jeep Wagoneer and the nose was taken from a 1969 Ferrari 365GT, on the day of its birth this unique offroading Ferrari was powered by V12 engine. Today its four wheels are turned by a 350 V8.
The eBay auction offers not only the vehicle itself but also numerous documents connected with it. One of them is the letter from the previous owner of the car which tells that there must be more than one of these creatures. The second document is a 1971 review of the vehicle published in  “Road & Track.”

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