Thursday, February 17, 2011

New Cool Bose Audio System

If you are already thinking what to present to a friend for Christmas we can give you a piece of advice. The audio system leader, Bose has represented its new Media System. The set includes satellite navigation, music, satellite radio, hand-free telephone set and voice command, why not?
However, this is not complete list of the system’s features and options. It additionally includes a 30 GB hard drive. As it can store 200 CDs or so it is a good alternative for the CD-less stereo.

To make car entertainment device safer the designers did all their best to limit distracting controls that take motorists’ eyes off the road. The system is as simple as car radio has been in 1955. it is operated with only a few buttons and knobs.
Currently the system is available only in Ferraris. However, according to Free Press soon this absurdly cool audio system can appear in one of GM cars (perhaps a Corvette or Cadillac) owing to a long partnership of GM and Bose.

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