Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ferrari 599 Hybrid at the 2010 Geneva Auto Show

The 2010 Geneva Auto Show is starting on March 2. Many car manufacturers have already prepared their new projects for this exhibit, but they keep the details in secret. Ferrari is working on the 599 Hybrid and does not unveil any details, but a couple of its pictures have already leaked to the Internet.
According to the rumors, Ferrari 599 Hybrid is based on the GTB. It is going to use two electric engines and a lithium-ion battery pack as many other electric vehicles. It is most likely to use kinetic energy recovery system or KERS, the technology designed for 2009 Formula 1 season. This is a mechanical system that captures kinetic energy while the auto is decelerating. KERS was abandoned for 2010, but it might be revised for the Ferrari 599 Hybrid.
According to the pictures of the new car’s electric motor is built into the rear transaxle. This is a standard layout for hybrids.

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