Thursday, February 17, 2011

Schumacher Is Leaving Ferrari

Michael Schumacher is coming back to Formula 1 says BBC Sport commentator Eddie Jordan. Currently the driver serves as a consultant for Ferrari, but Schumacher has been saying that he wanted to join Mercedes Grand Prix team which has been renamed to Brawn GP.
Earlier this year when Felipe Massa from Ferrari team was hurt in a race, Schumacher was ready to fill in, but had to decline the offer because of the neck problems. Now he feels ready to race for Mercedes Grand Prix until the team will be able to hire Sebastian Vettel. The driver has a contract with Red Bull till the end of 2011 and then might join the Mercedes team.
Brawn GP really needs a good driver for the next season because Jenson Button has decided to leave after his contract expires in the end of December this year. Eddie Jordan wrote that Schumacher is really trying to cancel the contract with Ferrari in order to join Mercedes because this would be “in the interests of F1”. However, the official Schumacher spokeswoman Sabine Kehm does not confirm this news, saying that it is “highly unlikely – but never say never”.

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