Thursday, February 17, 2011

Magnum P.I. and His Ferrari 308 GTS are Returning to Our Screens

It is very interesting to write articles about car-related movies and this one will be devoted to the ’80s TV show Magnum P.I.’s silver screen conversion. I believe many people remember and like this show in which an ex-Navy seal became a private detective and worked on the Hawaiian islands saving them from various bed guys. In this film the main character played by Tom Selleck drove an iconic Ferrari 308 GTS, wore Hawaiian shirts and “big, porn mustaches”.
Tom Selleck as Magnum P.I.
The idea of making a movie about Magnum P.I. exists since 2006 but until now thing intention is resisted by Hollywood. The script is said to be ready for now and given to Matthew McConaughey to be read.
Matthew McConaughey
However the actor for the main role has not been appointed yet. Among the challengers are Ben Affleck, George Clooney and Vince Vaughn. Of course the fans of the show would be happy to see original Magnum on their screens but unfortunately Mr. Selleck considers the whole idea to be stupid and refuses from taking part in it. His refusal does not coincide with  the David Hasselhoff Theory of Celebrity Comebacks, according to which an actor never allows an old role to die.

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