Thursday, February 17, 2011

Brands and Companies’ DSRs for March

There are some articles which announce that Match was terrible month for automotive industry. Perhaps it is so but for some brands it was rather a successful one. The matter is in the fact that in these articles the number of cars sold in March this year is compared to that of the last year. It is not quite correct. It is necessary to compare average number of vehicles sold per day. Lat year we had two extra selling days, that’s why it is not enough just to look at raw figures.
Cars Sales in March
The figures given below demonstrate the change of Daily Sales Rate (DSR) and illustrate that some brands were very successful selling more cars per day.
This does not concern the General Motors and Chrysler LLC and we shall not sugarcoat their performance. These two brands have sold 13% fewer vehicles per day in comparison with the last year.
Ford Motor Co however managed to get out of this difficult situation owing to a hot-selling Focus and reduced the losses to just -7.7%.. The sane with Toyota Co – its average sales level went down to 3.4%..
Meanwhile Honda America, the BMW Group and Nissan North America seem to know what to do to avoid such losses as these brands managed to increase their DSR in March.
Jaguar is up for the first time that we can remember. The brand has achieved this positive result thanks to the first month of XF sales. Saab also managed t improve its DSR by 12.4% last month.
Volkswagen with its 21.5% has jumped out of nowhere.
However the Crown of the Biggest Winner should be given to MINI with a 26.4% rise in its DSR.
MINI Clubman
Acura (-15.8% )
Audi (7.2% )
BMW (-1.7%)
Buick (-18.2% )
Cadillac (-0.8% )
Chevrolet (-16.9% )
Chrysler (-15.8% )
Dodge (-15.3% )
Ford (-6.7% )
GMC (1.2% )
Honda (6.9% )
HUMMER (-23.3% )
Hyundai (9.8% )
Infiniti (7.3% )
Jaguar (13.2% )
Jeep (-5.1% )
Kia (-2.8% )
Land Rover (-10.2% )
Lexus (-6.9% )
Lincoln (-20.4% )
Mazda (-6.0% )
Mercedes (3.7% )
Mercury (-11.4% )
MINI (26.4% )
Mitsubishi (-7.7% )
Nissan (3.1% )
Pontiac (-10.1% )
Porsche (-13.8% )
Saab (12.4% )
Saturn (-7.5% )
Toyota (-2.9% )
Volkswagen (21.5% )
Volvo (-6.4% )
BMW Group (1.8% )
Chrysler Group (-13.2% )
Ford Motor Co (-7.7% )
General Motors (-13% )
Honda America (4.2%)
Nissan North America (3.6%)
Toyota Motor Co. (-3.4%)

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