Thursday, February 17, 2011

Acid Poured on Famous Goalkeeper’s Bentley

Britons are famous for their conservatism and love to traditions, traditions in regard to all spheres of life. This conservativeness also concerns cars and everything connected with them. Of curse it is quite possible to meet yellow Ferrari on the streets of any British city but its owner bids fair to be young man who is fond of modern music, cloth and other features of contemporary life. We mean that an average Englishman is rather reserved it its tastes and preferences.
There are exceptions of course but if it goes about Bentley… Bentley is a symbol of Great Britain as well as the Thames or Tower.
However in Scotland someone vividly has a strong dislike towards Rangers FC goalie Allan McGregor. And this unknown person has taken this feeling out on McGregor’s silver Bentley Continental GT speed. How? They just poured acid onto the car and wrote graffiti on the back of the vehicle.
Acidic Vandalism
Obviously this act of revenge is not connected with McGregor’s professional activity as he appears to be a good goalkeeper. Whatever the reason is but… acid, on a Bentley?    That’s not a way to express feelings, even the most negative, is it?

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